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Considered by many to be an Artisan of Light, designer Robert Perry has spent years earning his living as an award winning theatrical lighting designer.  In the Spring of 2002, Robert incorporated the skills that he learned in the theatrical world and formed the design company “Structures of Light” in the Greenwich Village section of New York City.  By combining the creativity of sculpture and the beautiful effects of light and shadow, Robert is dedicated to creating unique handcrafted lighting sculptures and fixtures. His designs not only convey a sense of rawness and strength, but also of passion, honesty and humor.



Metal is my muse and lighting is my life.  

We live in an industrial world and in this world often things are discarded for something new and improved.
This is where I come in.  I often seek inspiration in recycled materials.  I visit scrap metal yards and look for discarded treasures.  Whether it be an old aluminum fan blade, a set of kitchen utensils or perhaps a piece of an automobile, I will find a way to light it up and make it come to life. By combining the natural qualities of light and shadow with the strength and harshness of raw metal,unique sculptures are formed.  

As a lighting sculptor, I utilize primarily aluminum, stainless steel, recycled materials, found objects and industrial scrap metal in my lighting structures.  

Within the walls of my studio workshop, each design is created and evolved.  My process begins not from initial design sketches, but from looking at the materials that I have available and pulling out of each item its true potential as opposed to covering it up. Every piece of metal I find or object I manipulate has the potential to become something wonderful.   This hands-on process allows me to sculpt each piece until it becomes a completed
Structure of Light.

One Man's Junk
Miami Herald, April 03, 2005
by Joe Werne, special to the Herald

Robert Perry takes other people's garbage & turns it into lighting sculptures

Rusty hubcaps, discarded kitchen utensils and vintage appliances may look like junk to most people, b
ut to Robert Perry, they are potential works of art. He turns them into sculptural light fixtures in a studio behind his South Miami home.

HGTV Episode HCLVR-111
Original air date: Oct. 10, 2005 - 12pm & 5pm ET/PT
Robert Perry of South Miami, Fla., loves scouring the streets for junk. In fact, in his workshop he's got a bit of everything, including a kitchen sink! He turns someone else's trash into his own treasure. Lighting fixtures have become his specialty and in this project he's creating a unique lamp out of found objects.

New Morning: Sacred Spaces
The Hallmark Channel | Original air date: Autumn, 2005

New Morning "Sacred Spaces" investigates Robert's art and what it means to him. Watch as Robert searches through a marine salvage yard looking for those lost treasures and then visit his studio as he reminisces about bringing his pieces to life.

Robert's original studio in South Miami, FL

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